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There seems to have been a flood of negative accounts about Chinese medicine in the past year, ranging from ABC news, a Greenpeace report and so-called “friends of science” research claiming that Chinese herbal substances were at worst compromised by pollutants and at best of poor quality and therefore unlikely to work as traditionally indicated.

While we dispute much of this material, it is in everybody’s interests not only to ensure standards of quality and safety, but also to be able to demonstrate this to the public’s satisfaction. For this reason, in the past 3 years we have adopted European pharmacopoeia standards of herbal testing and analysis. We believe that the previous Certificate of Analysis (COA) provided by many manufacturers was insufficient and therefore invited the world’s biggest independent laboratory, Eurofins, to test our herbs according to the higher European standards. Eurofins’ certification will ensure that raw herbs entering our market are of the highest quality.

We must also ensure herbal medicine stays affordable for the public. With this in mind, rather than introducing an expensive organic herbs range, we decided instead to improve our selection of certified herbs. This entails working with large-volume suppliers to improve the affordability of their products. If farmers have greater demand for products that meet certification standards, they have more incentive to produce quality herbs, which will work to eventually bring down the cost. Greater volume is the answer. This is why we need the ongoing support of practitioners in choosing to dispense certified products wherever possible.

We would be grateful for your feedback on how to improve these products and our service. We value your contribution to the promotion of the great benefits of Chinese medicine to the Australian community.

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