At Chinese Herbs Online, we categorise our products into the following four groups according to the quality of the product. All our raw herbs are sourced from their original farmed locations. The term ‘Dao Di Yao Cai’, 地道药材, meaning ‘Authentic Herbs’ reflects our tradition of sourcing the correct species in the highest quality form. With a combined experience and expertise of over 40 years, our mission is to deliver our products to our customers with the utmost safety control and the best care.

How to define the quality of Chinese medicines?
The quality of an herbal medicine refers to the intrinsic properties of the herb, that is, the amount and range of medicinally useful or active constituents present. The correct identification of a plant with reference to its accepted scientific name(s) is a primary step in the quality assurance process, as a single common name may often refer to different plant species, with potentially dangerous consequences.

Other factors influencing the quality of herbal medicines are:


A Grade Herbs
They are the foundation of ‘Authentic Herbs’, carefully selected from the original farmed location, considering both the efficacy and value of the herb. We have developed long-term relationships with selected farmers and manufacturers to ensure the cultivation of high-quality herbs.

AA Grade Herbs
They are the premium grade of ‘Authentic Herbs’, which are also carefully selected from the original farmed location, but often classified according to the size and/or the maturity of the herb. As AA Grade Herbs have more time to mature as plants, they are able to accumulate more medicinally useful or active constituents when harvested. This means AA Grade Herbs have a higher therapeutic effect compared to their A Grade equivalent.

AAA Grade/Certified Herbs
They are herbs which comply with both European Pharmacopoeia and Chinese Pharmacopoeia. They undergo Eurofins, pesticide and heavy metal testings to ensure the upmost safety of our products.

The European Pharmacopoeia is the primary source for official quality control standards for medicines in Europe. It is superior to the current Australian Standards and the FDA standards used in the US as it is legally binding in 39 European countries and it is applied in more than 130 countries worldwide.

In partnership with Eurofins, we guarantee our clients are receiving the finest herbs. Eurofins is an internationally recognised independent laboratory in Germany, that provides world leading analytical and testing laboratory services. Eurofins deploys a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art analytical techniques in order to support the upmost quality and safety standards of our products.

Heavy Metal Testing
Arsenic and other heavy metals such as cadmium, lead, and mercury are all considered toxic and have adverse health effects in human metabolism. Accumulation of heavy metals in the food chain can occur by bio-concentration, such as from water or the food source.

Laboratory tests used include:

  • AAS (Atomic Absorption Spectrometry)
  • ICP-OES (Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission spectroscopy)
  • ICP-MS (Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer)
  • HR-ICP-MS (High Resolution Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer)

Pesticide Testing
101 different pesticides are tested according to the European Pharmacopoeia.

Laboratory tests used include:

  • Multi-residue method S19 (DFG-S19)
  • Modular multi-method ASU L00.00-34
  • GC-ECD (Gas Chromatography with an Electron Capture Detector)

Due to the popularity of our certified herbs from customer feedback, we are currently expanding our range and stock for this group of herbs. They are also the preferred grade of herbs for most of our practitioners, as it strikes a good balance of quality, safety, efficacy, availability and affordability.

Organic Herbs
They are certified organic herbs which meets the standards of the USA, USDA, NOP NOS and EU. They consist of a Non-Detectable level of pesticides and are the safest grade among our products.