Our Mission:

We partner clients with a range of herbal remedies. By focusing on the health and wellbeing of our clients through our customised approach, we improve the lifestyle of each and every individual.

Here at Chinese Herbs Online, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality herbs and service. It is our ethos to ensure your individual needs are met. With three generations of experience, we can guarantee our commitment to both you and your clients. We provide an array of solutions that ensure the community receives the healthcare it deserves. 

From our top-tiered Eurofin certified products to our own premium range, we strive to provide an option that gives you both value and peace of mind. With over 2000 herbal remedies in stock, we can provide a solution to whatever your clinic demands.

As industry leaders, we strive to support the growth of Chinese medicine in Australia. We partner with community, industry and educational institutions to ensure that this art not only stays alive but thrives.




We are also a lifetime member of CMIC (Chinese Medicine Industry Council of Australia), and collaborate with our long-term client, the Chinese Medicine Clinic at RMIT University to support the education of new-generation practitioners.

Lifetime member of Chinese Medicine Industry Council of Australia